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New Items

We have added 4 new fun items to our offerings. Check out the items below.

A new way to manage your tenkara line on the go. Tenkara Rod Ties are designed to fit any tenkara rod and have multiple uses. Get creative and show us how you manage your line. Watch a video.



Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 8.44.07 PM
The 2016 Tenkara Magazine is here! This volume 3 of our annual publication and features excellent articles by the tenkara community and several of our teachers from Japan.



A versatile piece of garment in any angler’s wardrobe, our neck gaiters feature a unique pattern that will shield you from sun and wind.



Our new fly box features 3 flies of each of the fly patterns we offer. It’s a great value for a good selection of authentic tenkara flies that work.



Getting Started

We know that even with a simple way of fly-fishing the decision making process can still be daunting. We tell you, all you need is a rod, line and fly, but, which rod, which line, and which fly? You can find all information you want about tenkara equipment throughout the site, or easily get started below.

TENKARA RODS (pick a rod a-la-carte)
RHODO (adjustable 8'10"/9'9"/10'6") Rhodo-tenkara-rod
  • Adjustable tenkara rod = versatility
  • Can be fished short if intimidated by the length of longer tenkara rods
IWANA (12ft) Iwana tenkara rod
  • Great value
  • Simple, fixed 12ft length
  • A classic
TENKARA LINES We normally recommend you get one tapered and as spool of 4.5 level line. You can start with either one, here are the differences. Either will work fine.
Level Line (4.5 Orange) Tenkara Level Line
  • Cut to desired length
  • Make 4 or 5 lines from one spool
  • Cut or join together as needed
spool of 65ft
Tapered Line (11ft) Tenkara tapered line
  • Easiest to cast
  • Super quick to setup with a girth hitch
  • Simpler
for one line
TENKARA FLIES The coolest thing about tenkara is that it tells us any fly will work. And, we believe in that. You can get any one pattern to start. Here's one that we like.
Ishigaki kebari
set of 3











The Keeper™

The Keeper™ is an innovative line holder solution that also incorporates an integrated fly box and a patent-pending line catching system that can hold two tenkara lines, or tenkara line and tippet.

C7D_6341_CopyThe Keeper™, $12

Going fishing? Take your favorite tenkara rod, and the Keeper™ with a line, tippet and flies and you’re all set for a fun day in the water. Learn more.


Tenkara Fly-tying Kits

Fly-tying is also pretty simple. We have put together two tenkara fly-tying kit options with all that you need to tie tenkara flies and nothing you don't. The kits have enough hooks to tie 50 flies and will pay for themselves very quickly compared to purchasing flies.

tenkara fly-tying kit, basicBasic Kit, $95

Great beginner vise, spring-action clamp style, requires no adjustment for hook size. Imported.


Fly Tying kit, upgradedUpgraded Kit, $145

High-end pedestal-style vise, non-rotary. Made by Peak Fishing, in Loveland, Colorado.