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    Only a rod, line and fly™

    What if we told you a rod, line and fly are all you need for fly-fishing? No reel. And the rods telescope down to 20 inches.
    That’s tenkara. A simple fly-fishing method from Japan.




    Our site exists to share the tenkara story.

    The tenkara history, the techniques, the flies used in tenkara and much more show us a different way of thinking about fly-fishing. Tenkara shows us how simple fly-fishing can be. We hope you’ll enjoy the story.





    The idea that you can do tenkara with anything because the equipment is minimal and quick to setup. Bring your tenkara rod along on hikes, backpacking trips and more. Your other sports can be complicated, your fly-fishing shouldn’t be.




    The Perfect Drift

    Besides simplicity, the biggest advantage of tenkara is the ability to achieve the perfect drag-free drift. The reach of the long rod combined with a light line allows the angler to keep the line off the water, with no need to mend.

Only a rod, line and fly™

What if we told you that all you need for fly-fishing are a rod, line and fly? No reel. And that the rods telescope down to 20 inches and fit in a pack, in one piece?
That’s tenkara. A fly-fishing method from Japan that has created a revolution in the sport in the last few years.

What is tenkara?

Tenkara is the Japanese method of fly-fishing, which uses only a rod, line and fly. Tenkara shines in mountain streams, where the long rod and light line provide the best possible fly presentation. Tenkara is also effective in a variety of waters, such as alpine lakes, or urban ponds for panfish and bass. Tenkara is the ideal setup for anyone looking for an intuitive and fun way to fly-fish, something to take along on a backpacking fishing trip or teaching kids the art of fly-fishing, without the complexities.

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Product Highlight

Complete tenkara set:
  • Best-selling adjustable tenkara rod: Rhodo
  • 2 spools of line, line holder and 1 free set of flies


Must-see videos

We have embraced videos as a way to share the tenkara story and provide instructions for you to learn tenkara. Here are the videos we feel you must watch to learn tenkara quickly. Watch more videos here.

  • Landing large fish with tenkara A large brown trout on tenkara

    Landing large fish with tenkara

    Tenkara is not all small fish. In this video we show some of the technique for landing  large fish with tenkara and long lines...

  • How to cast with tenkara tenkara-shirt

    How to cast with tenkara

    Casting with tenkara is not difficult. In fact, we find it to be a very intuitive thing to do. Learn how to cast tenkara in this video with Daniel Galhardo. Remember to...

  • Knots for tenkara Knots for tenkara

    Knots for tenkara

    Learn the basic knots used in tenkara fly-fishing. Tie your tenkara line to rod, tippet to line and fly to tippet...

  • 30-second tenkara pronunciation guide Tenkara pronunciation video

    30-second tenkara pronunciation guide

    You don’t have to pronounce Japanese words correctly to fish with tenkara, but we thought you’d enjoy learning...

  • Techniques for tenkara Tenkara techniques

    Techniques for tenkara

    Tenkara places more emphasis on technique rather than gear. One way to simplify is to reduce the number of fly choices and try different techniques. In Japan I’ve...

  • TENKARA+ Canyoneering Tenkara and canyoneering

    TENKARA+ Canyoneering

    Whether you are biking, hiking, kayaking or climbing, tenkara fishing can go well with any outdoor pursuit. In this video we go on a canyoneering adventure in the Pisgah...


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Only rod, line & fly ™

The essence of tenkara is the reliance on little equipment. Only a tenkara rod, tenkara line and tippet, and tenkara flies are used. Any of our tenkara rods are well-suited for beginners, any of our tenkara lines can be paired with the rods we offer and any fly can be used. You can read reviews of tenkara rods for sale here. Shop for rods below.

Tenkara Care™

Tenkara Care™ is our commitment to getting your rod back in working order as quickly as possible should you ever have any problems. Tenkara USA rods come with a lifetime warranty; in most cases you do not have to mail anything back to us as we can send you replacement parts for the rods we make. If you have any problems just call us at 888.i.tenkara or email us. We will take care of you.

Why buy Tenkara USA

Tenkara is all we do. Since our inception we have continually improved all tenkara gear we make. You can call or email us anytime, we are and will be around to support your purchase and answer questions – read these testimonials. We are also part of 1% for the Planet, with 1% of every sale goes to support environmental programs that ensure we all have good places to fish.



The tenkara history is long, though little of it is documented. Originally tenkara was the domain of commercial anglers in the mountain streams of Japan. Knowing that history goes a long way to helping fly-fishing remain simple, after all the original tenkara anglers did not have fill a vest with tons of stuff yet caught plenty of fish.


The first reference to tenkara fly-fishing was made in 1878, when Mr. Ernest Satow, a British diplomat who lived in Japan at the time, wrote in his diary about local fishermen using flies to catch the yamame (a Japanese trout) in the streams near Mt. Tateyama.
Tenkara was originally the domain of commercial fishermen in mountain areas of Japan, who would catch fish and sell it to villagers and inn-keepers. That history is important in helping understand tenkara, and ultimately help keep fly-fishing simple. Understanding tenkara is the reason we visit Japan every year and maintain a strong connection with tenkara masters in the country.

Read more about the history of tenkara here.


Tenkara is who we are.


Our Story

Tenkara USA is the first company to introduce tenkara outside of Japan. Founded in 2009 by Daniel W. Galhardo, Tenkara USA is a fully independent company, based in Boulder, Colorado. PRESS PAGE.

The vision for Tenkara USA is to introduce tenkara outside of Japan, to open the doors to people who like the idea of fly-fishing but have always found western fly-fishing too complex, and to excite experienced fly anglers through an undeniably effective but simpler approach to fly-fishing.

In 2007, Daniel Galhardo discovered a method of fishing called tenkara existed in Japan. After visiting Japan he fell in love with the method’s uncomplicated nature and decided others needed to learn about it. So, Daniel set out to create a business to introduce tenkara outside of Japan by putting tenkara gear in the hands of people. In March of 2009, a month before Tenkara USA officially “opened doors”, Daniel left his successful career in international banking to dedicate himself full-time to creating Tenkara USA.

Through frequent visits to Japan, Tenkara USA has developed very strong relationships with tenkara masters. We rely heavily on their knowledge and feedback to ensure the products we make and information we share are of highest quality and true to tenkara.

It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that our introduction of tenkara here has created a small revolution in the fly-fishing industry. Tenkara USA products have acquired renown worldwide, applause from our teachers in Japan, and passionate devotion by our customers.

You can read more about our story here.


The tenkara philosophy is our philosophy and simplicity is at its core.

We believe in respecting where tenkara comes from because that’s the best way to keep things very simple. We are not inventing a method of fishing, we are here to share the tenkara story with you. We believe in innovating and creating the best products possible, and if anything ever fails we will work to get it fixed quickly so you can be in the water sharing the tenkara story with friends. We love simplicity because it is liberating. It allows us to travel far without worrying about what gear to carry, and it allows us to explore and enjoy tenkara with other activities because simplicity doesn’t take up much room.

Latest from the blog

We like to think of ourselves as more than just a tenkara rod company. We're as interested in sharing information, instructions, stories and the philosophy of tenkara as making great products. Our blog is the richest resource on tenkara anywhere. Here are the latest posts.

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