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Mesh for Tenkara Nets<br>24 and 27cm (2mm) Mesh for Tenkara Nets<br>24 and 27cm (2mm) Mesh for Tenkara Nets<br>24 and 27cm (2mm)

These traditional hand-made mesh for tenkara nets feature a very fine mesh, with 2mm holes (some of the finest available). The fine mesh craddles the fish and reduce harm caused to their skin.

Currently the mesh will be sent by itself without instructions (in the near future as a kit with brass wire, instructions, and cord for attaching the mesh to the frame).

We recommend replacing the existing nylon string currently on top of mesh with brass wire for additional strength and shape. There are different knots used for securing the mesh (brass wire) to the net frame, we'll introduce those soon, but here is one:

For more information on tenkara nets and net making, please visit our forum: Tenkara net making.

Hand-made in China.

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Tenkara Net <br>USA ONLY   
Tenkara Net
USA ONLY - 27cm/10.63" diameter
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  • adventureR says     5 out of 5 flies
  • *****Nice looks/Light weight*****
  • Location/type of places I fish: Rivers-Lakes-Streams
  • I just finished my third Tamo, first w/ this type of net bag though. The bag is extremely light, easy to attach w/ a bit of wire through the attachment loops. ( hint- super glue your wire to the heavy Mono line that comes with the net bag, and pull out the Mono) I personally find the Tamo comes out looking better w/ these bags, makes for a nice Japanese look on the wooden frame. Also its very easy to balance the hand hold on the handle w/ a lighter bag in mind. Its been said before that this net bag I'd abrasive to the fish. It doesn't feel as abrasive as the white or clear bag that comes on the TUSA tamo I felt years ago. Perhaps the material is different now or been upgraded. I like the net bag!
  • posted April 16, 2014
  • tvdavis says     5 out of 5 flies
  • Excellent netting
  • Location/type of places I fish: Rocky Mountain west
  • I have used the Tenkara USA netting with great success as both new netting and as a replacement netting. The mesh is monofilament, fine in weave and modestly stiff so to keep the fish from rolling up in it. This netting makes releasing the fish easy and atramatic. The quality is high. Highly Recommend!!
  • posted May 03, 2012
  • Thomis says     4 out of 5 flies
  • Has a sturdy weave
  • Location/type of places I fish: Wisconsin- Rivers for trout
  • I recently built a net frame and ordered this net mesh. Out of the box it seemed a bit coarse. I am strickly a catch and release fisherman, so it being coarse concerned me.
    I added the mesh to my frame in the manner shown in the Tenkara USA video and it turned out great. The mesh hold its bowl shape well, so the fish do not come into much contact with the net. I have caught and released many a fish and the mesh size does not seem a problem.
  • posted April 30, 2012

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