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Knots for tenkara

There are a few knots that are more or less specific to tenkara. They are very easy to learn. Though this video is a bit long it goes into detail on how to exactly tie each knot: how to tie the tapered line to the tenkara rod, how to tie the level line to the rod, how to tie tippet to level line and tippet to fly, and how to use the line holder.

May 24, 2014

Learn the basic knots used in tenkara fly-fishing. Tie your tenkara line to rod, tippet to line and fly to tippet.

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9 Responses to Knots for tenkara

  1. Mike says:

    Where can I get the line holders

  2. Jim says:

    hey folks, great info here! Do you have a video like the one above, but showing how to tie on two or even three flies?

    Thanks, Jim

  3. Greg Sanders says:

    Why don’t you compile the videos and offer them for sell?

  4. Mark Hamlen says:

    Looks like a.good way to revitalize my fishing Jones.

    Need a Midwest rep?

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