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Tenkara USA is dedicated to bringing the traditional method of Japanese fly-fishing, tenkara, to those in pursuit of angling simplicity.
The first company outside of Japan fully dedicated to tenkara fly-fishing, Tenkara USA will bring you the best in fly-fishing gear: tenkara rods, tenkara lines ,  traditional tenkara flies, and a few other essential tenkara items.

Tenkara is the traditional Japanese method of fly-fishing that is ideal for fly-fishing mountain streams. We believe in promoting traditional tenkara practices, sharing with you what tenkara is like in its country of origin, and developing the best possible tools specifically made for tenkara.
We also believe everyone can embark on their own search for tenkara and that tenkara needs not be limited to mountain streams, trout or the techniques we share with you. Tenkara can be seen either as just a tool, or as a complete method.
As a tool, tenkara can be used for a variety of techniques you may be familiar with, such as nymphing, swinging soft hackles, using dry flies and more. But, tenkara is also a complete method that was developed in the hands of commercial anglers in Japan over hundreds of years. The tradition of such an effective method of fly-fishing should not be lost as it is introduced to the world. Thus, Tenkara USA will aim at preserving the traditional method as it is practiced by tenkara masters in Japan, and sharing it with you so you know what tenkara really is. By learning directly from teachers in Japan and having access to them as resources, Tenkara USA and its founder Daniel W. Galhardo, hope to share with you real tenkara. But, as they say in Japan, "tenkara has ten colors". We hope everyone will find joy and satisfaction in their own tenkara experience. We just want to be here to remind you how simple fly-fishing can really be and to provide you with the best possible tools for tenkara.

We will be sharing our tenkara experiences, information on tenkara culture, history, techniques and more through our blog, and hope you'll help us create a vibrant tenkara community in our tenkara forum forum, where you can share your knowledge and experiences with each other.

Tenkara is also a great way to get kids engaged in the tradition of fly-fishing, to catch your own food while backpacking, or to simply enjoy the fishing experience. We created a page that talks about tenkara with section containing all the necessary information for tenkara learn. Like anything simple, it can be easy to do, yet challenging to master. In our blog we discuss techniques to master the method, sharing with you mountain stream conservation , and committed to the Planet through the 1% for the Planet intiative. We will donate at least 1% of your purchase to the environment.



Shared with us on our Facebook page:

"I buy my rods from Tenkara USA's website because I trust the brand and find the best information about japanese fly fishing there.Al Alborn

"Best customer service I've encountered in the industry. I've somehow managed to break two rods and lose a butt cap this year and each time I got on the phone with customer service I had the new part sent quickly. Once I posted a pic of my broken rod and had a comment from Tenkara USA before I got back to my car, once home I made the call and had the new rod section on the way." - Tim Harris

"Just picked up Tenkara USA rod yesterday. The quality of the rod out of the box was top notch and the rod itself is beautiful ( I have been shopping Tenkara rods for a while and yours is not only functional but stylish). I love it! Keep up the great work and keep the tips and pics coming in I love them!" - Carla in the ADKS NY

"I've caught more fish with my tenkara rods than any other, and love the ability to rapidly deploy my rods anywhere I go. I have gotten out on the water much more and enjoy it much more. The tenkara flies are a big hit on any water and with many fish. Tenkara USA customer service is top notch whenever I've needed it, and I love the videos!" - Mitch Seymour

"I bought a Iwana 12' three years ago and could not be more pleased with the quality of he rod. I broke the middle section once and ordered a replacement section which took a little bit to get back, but very courteous service. I broke the tip once and ordered a replacement tip, which came back very quickly. When I was just getting started I watched all the videos describing Tenkara, and was sold on the idea instantly. The information Tenkara USA makes available to the public is top notch and the forums can answer any question not covered. On a side note, I have personally met John and TJ and they couldn't have been nicer!" - Kevin Fricke

"I started fishing Tenkara last year starting with my Ito rod. Since then I must have caught close to 500 fish, some big some small. I don't have any trout streams close so I use my rod at our local ponds. I have now own 4 different rods. The service at Tenkara USA is amazing. The products are top notch. I feel so strongly about Tenkara USA, I think I have convinced at least 20 other people to fish with Tenkara USA gear. ... I cannot say enough about how easy and enjoyable fishing with Tenkara is and Tenkara USA." - Patrick D'Antonio

"I have only fished Tenkara for a year now and I love it. Thanks in no small part to Tom Sadler and Tenkara USA, I have found a great and simple way to fish. Tenkara USA offers great gear, great prices and even better customer support. Also, if you have not attended a Tenkara Summit, make it to the next one. Well worth it!!" -  Marc Hutzell

Tenkara USA 1% for the planet