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Tenkara Video, Get Into It

On June 30, 2009
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We just posted our first video introducing the effective art of tenkara fly-fishing.
We hope you’ll enjoy it. We are also working on more videos to be posted in upcoming weeks.

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One Response to Tenkara Video, Get Into It

  1. CM_Stewart says:

    Fantastic! Finally a tenkara fishing video where you can see the see the casting, see the line, see the take! Showing that you can easily keep a fly in quiet water, on the other side of a current illustrates what I think is one of the main advantages of tenkara.

    Actually, the video also shows another advantage – the big smiles on both your faces. Tenkara is just so much fun!

    Easily answers the question: So what is tenkara?

    Looking forward to more videos!

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