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Tenkara USA® – the Original tenkara brand in the US

Tenkara USA’s tweets of the week

On April 22, 2010
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  • Received Mr. Fujioka’s painting “Swimming Trout”, the first picture featured on our homepage, it looks AWESOME in our office! #
  • RT @boyzie: My first fish caught Tenkara style, caught on @Tenkarausa Hane on the River Aire – nice fish! #
  • Tenkara International:
    Customers in Canada, UK and most of Europe can now order tenkara gear “locally” #
  • RT @FlyFishingChick: The only thing better than learning Tenkara fly fishing was listening to Gordon Wickstrom talk about it! #
  • Tenkara USA in this Spring’s Fly Rod & Reel magazine: #
  • Tenkara in this Spring’s Fly Rod & Reel magazine: Full interview with Tenkara USA founder #
  • @TenkaraBum The ideal net for tenkara? #

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