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Tenkara Testimonials (VIDEO)

On January 28, 2013
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9 Responses to Tenkara Testimonials (VIDEO)

  1. Kurt Hauck says:

    I am so glad you found something useful in what I said. As I was driving home, I realized I should have mentioned how top notch your customer service is. When the people delivering a product enjoy and believe in the product, the service they provide is wonderful.

    • Kurt, thank you so much for participating! I appreciate the comment here about our customer service. Thank you.
      Could you tell me who you are in the video (which minute mark you show in)? Sorry to ask, hope you don’t mind.

  2. Kurt Hauck says:

    No problem, I wasn’t wearing a name tag. :) I’m at 1:58.

  3. Jim Johnson says:

    I just knew that when fly fishers started using bobbers and calling them ” strike indicators “, that soon we would be back to cane pole and bobber fishing like we did in the mid-west when we were kids.

    If it fickles your tancy, go for it, I will stick with my kind of fly fishing.

  4. G.W. Giles says:

    If you can sell it, good on you. It reminds me of the stories of chub fishing in the old world. It’s not for me. If it makes sense to you, and makes you happy, nothing else matters much.

  5. Jason Klass says:

    Tenkara is not cane pole fishing–it is fly fishing:


    Please understand the difference (or actually try it) before you dismiss it.

  6. everett hall says:

    Tenkara allows you to present dry flies perfectly you have no drag issues in most cases due to no fly line only wovenleader also no line slap you can twitch flys with little disturbance in quiet water situations .The only worry is big fish running away in certain situations . For medium fish up to 18 slacking off helps to control runaways>

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