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Tenkara reaches Finland Interview with Tenkara USA founder

On February 1, 2011
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Finnish blogger and ultralight backpacker Hendrik Morkel, of the site “Hiking in Finland”, conducted a good interview with Tenkara USA founder, Daniel Galhardo (yes, that’s me, and another “ego boosting” intro :) ). The interview covers several aspects of tenkara, and also focuses on the business side of Tenkara USA, and the vision behind it.


Interview: Daniel Galhardo from Tenkara USA

“I love angling. I love Japan. So when I read about two years ago about Tenkara USA I knew immediately that it is something I need to try. Since then, I fished a few times with my tenkara fly fishing gear, and have kept a steady eye on the developments of the company. I always liked them, great videos, great website, great service. So I got in touch with the founder of Tenkara USA, Daniel Galhardo, and he happily agreed to an interview. If you’re not yet hooked on tenkara [pun intended], I bet you will be after this interview – enjoy!

Most current picture of Tenkara USA’s headquarter:

To read full interview, please visit Hiking in Finland

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