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  • AMAGO™<br> 13ft6in (410cm)<br>Includes CASE
  • AMAGO™<br> 13ft6in (410cm)<br>Includes CASE
  • AMAGO™<br> 13ft6in (410cm)<br>Includes CASE
  • AMAGO™<br> 13ft6in (410cm)<br>Includes CASE
13ft6in (410cm)
Includes CASE
Named after one of Japan's most beautiful mountain stream trout, the Amago is our longest non-zoom rod at 13ft and 6inches long (410cm). Longer rods provide distinct advantages over shorter rods. Generally speaking, we recommend using the longest rod you can for the stream you are fishing.


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Named after one of Japan's most beautiful mountain stream trout, the Amago is our longest non-zoom rod at 13ft and 6inches long (410cm). Longer rods provide distinct advantages over shorter rods. Generally speaking, we recommend using the longest rod you can for the stream you are fishing.

Based on the request of several tenkara anglers this rod has a black finish. The handle was meticulously designed to provide good counterbalance to the long rod and for extra comfort on a long day of casting your delicate line and fly . The wider end of the handle serves two purposes: it provides a slightly better counter balance to the rod, and serves as a good grip for using the full length of the rod.

Length: 13ft 6in (410cm)
NOTE: Due to the telescopic nature of the rods, and the fact that we rounded the numbers to have a clean metric-to-English conversion, rod lengths may vary slightly from indicated.
Closed length: 21 1/8 inches (53.5cm) including cap
Number of segments: 10
Handle length: 11 inches (27.5cm)
Weight: 3.5oz (100grams)
Finish: Black

Made in China with Japanese materials

 1% of the sale value of this item will be donated to conservation efforts. "6"
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  • Simone says     5 out of 5 flies
  • Beautiful rod!!
  • Location/type of places I fish: Piemonte Italy Small Streams
  • I bought Amago rod for larger streams but I found out also a good rod for windy days.
    In addition to Traditional Tenkara Line High wind is possible to fish in gusty wind with precision and good presentation.
    I recommend it for beginners (as I am) because action 6:4 is really helpful for casting..I'm experimenting french and czech nymphing....hope to be successful...
    Thank you Tenkara USA for this great fishing rod!
  • posted May 04, 2012
  • jd_smith says     5 out of 5 flies
  • Something bigger in mind
  • Location/type of places I fish: Northern and Central California, Southern Oregon, Sierra Nevada, or where ever I end up next to water.
  • If bigger fish and/or bigger water is what your headed for, the Amago is a good rod to choose. At 13'6" and a 6:4 flex rating, the Amago is going to give you the extra reach to drift pockets and runs that are out of reach for the other shorter rods. Unlike the Ito which is the other long rod from TenkaraUSA (one I wouldn't classify as a big fish rod), the Amago has the backbone to tame the biggest fish that a tenkara rod can effectively handle. However it still has a soft tip to protect light tippets and that the average 10"er will still put a decent bend into it. The Amago was designed with traditional tenkara techniques in mind, but it also excels at European Nymphing techniques as well. This is a very versatile rod for your larger and more open areas.
  • posted May 05, 2012
  • apluda says     5 out of 5 flies
  • great lake rod
  • Location/type of places I fish: Wyoming
  • This is my second Tenkara rod. I started with the 12ft Iwana which does great in smaller streams, and I got the Amago for the extra reach for lake fishing or fishing larger rivers. I love the 6:4 flex in both the Iwana and the Amago. Great rods!
  • posted May 06, 2012
  • dusty says     5 out of 5 flies
  • First Rod
  • Location/type of places I fish: Great Basin. Small streams to blue-ribbon trout rivers
  • I didn't intend for the Amago to be my first tenkara rod, but a used one popped up at a good price while I was waiting for my 12' rod to arrive. After more than 20 years fly fishing with rod and reel I wasn't sure what to expect, and to be fair I probably didn't keep the rod long enough to really learn it, but compared to the 12' it seemed forward heavy. That didn't really make it hard to cast but it was tiring. The top sections also didn't seem to damp very well. In comparison, although I've only had it out fishing twice, my 12' Shimano is crisp, light, and casts pretty accurately (at least in the hands of this beginner). Based on the greater tube diameters the Amago should have more fish fighting strength, and if you're looking for a river tenkara rod this could be it, but one of the areas where Western fly fishing may have an edge is that a properly-balanced rod and reel combo should always result in your grip on the rod being near its center of gravity. Tenkara rods don't have a counterweight, and so for me at least, I think the lighter rods will likely be more enjoyable to fish.

    Fit and finish on the Amago seemed great.
  • posted May 07, 2012
  • wasatchsurf says     5 out of 5 flies
  • Big Fish Rod
  • Location/type of places I fish: Heavy Flies/Big Fish
  • I got the Amago to chuck weighted nymph rigs and fight some larger fish. OVer the past few months I have landed 10+ fish over 20" on it. It has a different feel the n other Tenkara rods and can be a little tiring to fish, but if I am expecting to get into some big fish or need to fish bead heads and splitshot this is the rod I use.
  • posted May 08, 2012
  • mossy says     5 out of 5 flies
  • 13' 6" Amago
  • Location/type of places I fish: Colorad/Rocky Mountains
  • I consider the Amago the "big gun" of the Tenkara USA arsenal, despite the Yamame being listed at 7/3. The Amago is a wider diameter rod at the bottom than the other Tenkara USA rods I've used, and has the backbone to put the most pressure on a fighting trout. I also love the additional length. The veritable TenkaraBum says, and I agree, that you should fish the longest rod you can, and this rod is proof of the wisdom of the T'Bum. Of course, it can also throw a 4.5 level line with distinction, and I feel it excels with TenkaraBum's heavy tapered leader in lengths from 15 - 18 feet. A great rod to have in your tenkara quiver.
  • posted May 09, 2012
  • H. G. Brown says     5 out of 5 flies
  • Great warm water fishing tool
  • Location/type of places I fish: Midwest; ponds and streams, small mouth, bluegill,
  • I am not a trout fisherman but find the Amago a great rod for bluegill and smallmouth. It is light enough that medium size bluegill are fun to catch but has the backbone for bass as well. With its length you can reach across a good size stream, or out across the moss that grows around many farm ponds. You can drop small dries on top the water for bluegill, or some good size hoppers to attract bass. Very versatile and a lot of fun. I have pretty much retired my spinning rod, this is so much fun and really catches fish.
  • posted May 10, 2012
  • Smike says     5 out of 5 flies
  • Big rod for big water
  • Location/type of places I fish: Eastern PA, Catskills NY
  • What can I say, this is the rod you use when you want to bring out the big guns. Solid backbone (reminds me of a nice 4wt western rod) will easily throw a 18' line (including tippet). Fighting 15" fish on this feels like fighting 8" fish on the Iwana. If you want to reach all the way across the stream, this is the rod. It will cast a 4 level line with size 14 drys, as you can really load the line on the back cast. It also fishes great on smaller water with a shorter line, but gets tough on streams with brush that's overhead. It's a great rod if you are used to a stiff action fly rod, as you will feel right at home casting it. The black Matt finish is great and holds up well, I wish they did this finish in some of the other rods. As for the weight, it a big rod for sure, but still super light and easy to cast.

    This is my goto rod for all the limestone and spring creeks all across PA.
  • posted May 10, 2012
  • justin says     4 out of 5 flies
  • crisp casting stroke with added backbone
  • Location/type of places I fish: UK, all types of river and stream
  • When ordering the Amago I was hoping for a rod that would pair well with 4lb tippet and it meets those needs very well. In my testing of different lines I found that 4lbs tippet (0.12mm Stroft GTM) was right on the limit for this rod.
    Why only 4 flies? Firstly there is the ITO with its slimmer blank. If the ITO is a 5 fly I feel the Amago must score lower even if it is cheaper by some margin. Secondly the Amago's balance point is further towards the tip of the rod than would feel ideal. Obviously this is partly due to its length and thus is a trade-off but it's still a factor.
    Overall this is a great product that expands the uses of Tenkara rods. The new handle is, to me at least, aesthetically better balanced and is very comfortable in the hand.
    Lastly as with the ITO the blank has a fantastic matte finish which saves me having to take wet and dry paper to a new rod.
  • posted May 09, 2012
  • air2raley says     3 out of 5 flies
  • Great rod with a flaw
  • Location/type of places I fish: Colorado and new mexico
  • I love this rod. Able to catch larger fish. It feels great with perfect weight and balance. Works great for nymphing or throwing dries. I've coaxed 24 inch rainbows on the San Juan and 20 inch browns on the Arkansas. The only downfall is a repeatative break in the second section. The second from the tip. Works great til it breaks . Have had 2 break at almost exact location. Still great rod and $17 to fix.
  • posted September 17, 2017

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