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Tenkara Cast: What is tenkara?

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August 11, 2015

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Tenkara is the simple Japanese method of fly-fishing that uses only a rod, line and fly. It originated in the hands of commercial anglers in the mountains of Japan. Nowadays tenkara uses telescopic rods made of carbon fiber and synthetic lines, but the simple spirit of the method remains as strong as ever.
In 2009, Daniel Galhardo introduced tenkara outside of Japan and created the first company fully dedicated to tenkara. His introduction of tenkara to the world created a small revolution in fly-fishing where people realized fly-fishing could be simple and that anyone can do it.
In this episode, the first episode of the Tenkara Cast, Daniel will talk briefly about what tenkara is, give a brief overview of the equipment and discuss why you may want to take up tenkara.
Learn more about tenkara at and stay tuned for future episodes of the Tenkara Cast, where we will delve deep below the simple surface of tenkara to explore the techniques, history, philosophy, equipment, destinations and more.
Music kindly provided by Nick “Takenobu” Ogawa:

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