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Tenkara in Salt? A Conversation with Henry Barber + The River Network

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November 6, 2018

Tenkara is a mountain stream method of fly-fishing, that uses a tenkara rod, line and fly. But, the tenkara rod is also a tool that people all over the world are now using in their own unique way, such as in salt water.
To learn more about how people are using tenkara rods, Daniel visited the coast of Maine to fish with Henry Barber, a renowned rock climber who has been using Tenkara USA rods for catching striped bass on the surf, in coastal rivers and from rocks on the coast. After a couple of days of fishing, they sat down by a fire and discussed the experience.
And, in the second part of the episode Daniel has a conversation with Nicole Silk, president of the River Network, to learn more about what this cool non-profit has been doing to help protect and restore our rivers.

Referenced in this episode:
The River Network

Trip photos
Striped bass on tenkara with Tenkara USA

Clouser Minnow on tenkara

Striped bass on tenkara ito rod

tenkara in salt water

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