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Taking up new sports, and tenkara

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March 28, 2016

As someone who is an avid “new hobby” enthusiast, and has a lot of experience trying out and taking up new sports, Daniel has thought a lot about the monsters we all make in our heads ahead of taking up a new activity that interests us. In this episode Daniel talks about the intimidation of taking up new activities and how it is important to just find a way to start playing, simply.

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4 Responses to Taking up new sports, and tenkara

  1. Bruce Brown says:

    Excellent advice Daniel. I think many folks “over engineer” things too often. Hoping to get out and try my new Tenkara rig on the St. Vrain soon!

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  3. Ryan says:

    Great podcast. Love Daniel’s positive and chill attitude towards everything. One thing I wanted to add here is that with almost any new sport renting gear is a really good way to try something out quickly. whether it is a fly setup or mountain bike or camping equipment. Recently I rented a pair of snowshoes from a well known nation outdoor outfitter for a something like $15. turns out I like snowshoeing! (maybe not enough to drop $200 on a pair of shoes shoes when I could buy another tenkara rod 😉 but I was grateful for the new fun experience. These types of places also tend to rent tents, bikes, kayaks etc.

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