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mounTEN: issue 2, November 2018

mounTEN is the official ezine of Tenkara USA, bringing to you the best stories shared in the last 10 years of tenkara being brought to the US.

November 9, 2018

mounTEN: Issue 2, November 2018
The official ezine of Tenkara USA

As we near our TENth anniversary, we are bringing forward the best stories shared in the last TEN years since tenkara got introduced to the US, plus some fun new stories too.
The second issue of mounTEN features a bit about Gyotaku, the Japanese art of catching fish on paper, by Kirby Wilson. Plus, a story about the Manzanar Fishing Camp, a section on using long lines when fishing with tenkara, and an interview with Dr. Hisao Ishigaki.
You can read the ezine in the reader above, or download the full PDF version here.

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