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Interview with John Gierach

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November 10, 2015

Few writers in the realm of fly-fishing have achieved the iconic status of John Gierach. One of the great honors of my career has been to have piqued Gierach’s interest in tenkara, and then to fish with him on a few occasions. Last year he released his latest book, All Fishermen are Liars, I’m still debating whether the inclusion in a book with this title is something of which to be proud…but I guess I am. John and I sat down last year to have a conversation about his experiences with tenkara. We put out the video you can see below. Since that interview several people asked us to release the full interview, and the podcast is a great medium for that. So, here is our unabridged conversation…except for a couple of small cuts for when we got too distracted by his cute cats.

Referenced in this episode:
Book: All Fishermen are Liars
All Fishermen are Liars” target=”_blank”>More books by John Gierach

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4 Responses to Interview with John Gierach

  1. TJ Ferreira says:

    Kept hearing cats meows and thought it was one of my 4 cats meowing to get into my office. Kept opening the door and no cat there. Must be meowing cats in the podcast. Fun interview.

  2. David Smith says:

    Enjoyed watching the original interview/video when it became available online. Just got done listening to the Podcast version and really enjoyed hearing the thoughts/wisdom of the finest fly fishing writer, Mr. John Gierach. I’ve been following him for over twenty years, have all of his fishing book, two of his books of poetry and one audio cassette narrated by him. John is by far, my favorite fly fishing author/celebrity.

    That said, I also really enjoy watching Tenkara USA videos with Daniel Galhardo and learning more about Tenkara fishing, kebari, and Japanese culture. While the first printed article I had read was in John Gierach’s book, All Fisherman Are Liars, it was Daniel’s Galhardo’s easy going persona and obvious passion for Tenkara, that got me hooked. To date, I own 10 Tenkara rods, half of which are from Tenkara USA.

  3. Dave Blackhurst says:

    Great interview! He seems like an awesome guy to hang out with. John was wondering how many long time fly fisherman would take up Tenkara and fish it exclusively. Well, count me as one. Thanks for the podcast Daniel, keep them coming!

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