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How to Find and Explore New Fishing Waters

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March 24, 2020

It is important that we find a bit of serenity and peace at the moment, and tenkara fly-fishing might be just the thing we need to help with that. As we are asked to stay at or close to home these days, this episode focuses on encouraging you to go fishing in the waters you may have overlooked, or to find new waters within each reach to go fishing. Perhaps it is time to fish that local pond you’ve always passed by, go outside your comfort zone and fish for a new species, reacquaint yourself with some panfish fishing, or simply explore a new drainage. Daniel shares a couple of tools he uses when scouting for prospective waters, and how we may have to redefine the idea of “tenkara-perfect” waters at the moment.
Ps. I feel like there may be more that I want to say or forgot to cover in this episode, so there may be a follow up episode later on.

Referenced in this episode:
Tenkara USA rods (currently, 03/24/2020, on sale for 30% off as we face a potential closure of our warehouse due to covid-19)
PDF with Steve Schweitzer’s article in the 1st issue of the Tenkara Magazine (page 39)
Gaia mapping app

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