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Destination: Japan – travel and fishing

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September 3, 2015

Japan has many appeals to the traveler. Its forests are verdant and the streams clear. The culture is so different from anywhere else in the world. The food is incredible. And, well, it is the land of tenkara. Many people plan to visit Japan for various reasons, but the idea of catching Japan’s native trout also makes the traveller want to add fishing in their plans. In this episode Daniel shares his experiences traveling to Japan for the food, the hot-springs and for tenkara fishing of course.

Download this PDF excerpt from the 2015 Tenkara Magazine for a good reference on traveling and fishing in Japan

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Adam Trahan’s comprehensive Japan trip planning and diary
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Fish of Japan:
Amago trout in Japan



Sign indicating where to get a fishing license. On the left side, the second character from top to bottom is related to fish/fishing. If you see that one in a mountain village there is a good chance you can get a fishing license there. Learn how to recognize: 
Fishing license japan

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