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Conversations: Tom Rosenbauer, Orvis

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May 10, 2016

In this episode Daniel speaks to one of the long-time gurus of fly-fishing, Tom Rosenbauer. Tom is known for his books on fly-fishing as well as videos and podcasts he has and continues to create in his tenure at the Orvis company. Like many people in the USA, Daniel has learned much about his fly-fishing due to Rosenbauer’s work. Nowadays you can see Tom with a tenkara rod in some of his favorite waters in Vermont.
Referenced in this episode:
Tom’s podcast, The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide: www.orvis.com/s/fly-fishing-guide-podcasts/4047
The tenkara episodes in Tom’s podcast:
Episode 1: http://www.orvis.com/news/fly-fishing/Podcast-Rosenbauer-Interviews-Galhardo-on-Tenkara/
Episode 2: http://www.orvis.com/news/fly-fishing/podcast-return-of-thetenkara-master/
Tenkara for sale at Orvis: www.orvis.com/p/tenkara-sato-outfit/2cpx

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