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Tenkara gear

On May 20, 2014
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Tenkara Rods
There are multiple options for tenkara rods. While each has a place where it will be most suitable, depending on how open the stream is and the size of fish targeted, we can say any rod will work well and any tenkara rod is suitable for beginners. We recommend getting the longest rod you can for the stream you fish. Tenkara rods are 12ft long on average; some of our rods feature a patent-pending adjustable system, which allows you to fish them at 2 or three lengths. Shop for tenkara rod, or read reviews.
tenkara line
Tenkara Lines
There are two types of lines used in tenkara: tenkara tapered lines and tenkara level lines. Either will be used by itself with 4ft of tippet at the end. Which line you will use is a matter of personal preference; we like to recommend you try both in the beginning if you can. Tapered lines have a fixed length, are super easy to setup and cast softly. Level lines come in spools of 65ft and can be cut to length. At the end of the line you tie about 4ft of tippet (we recommend 5X tippet).
Shop for tenkara lines.
tenkara fly
Tenkara Flies
Any fly, including any western fly, can be used with a tenkara rod. Dry flies work superbly with the long reach and drag-free drifts allowed by the rods, and nymphs work great with the tight lines. While not all tenkara flies have a reverse hackle (sakasa style), those are the most typical style flies. We have found the "sakasa" style flies, or sakasa kebari, to be very versatile and work in a tremendous amount of conditions. We only offer flies we use ourselves and know they work. Shop for tenkara flies.

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