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Must-see videos

On May 22, 2014
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  • Landing large fish with tenkara A large brown trout on tenkara

    Landing large fish with tenkara

    Tenkara is not all small fish. In this video we show some of the technique for landing  large fish with tenkara and long lines...

  • How to cast with tenkara tenkara-shirt

    How to cast with tenkara

    Casting with tenkara is not difficult. In fact, we find it to be a very intuitive thing to do. Learn how to cast tenkara in this video with Daniel Galhardo. Remember to...

  • Knots for tenkara Knots for tenkara

    Knots for tenkara

    Learn the basic knots used in tenkara fly-fishing. Tie your tenkara line to rod, tippet to line and fly to tippet...

  • 30-second tenkara pronunciation guide Tenkara pronunciation video

    30-second tenkara pronunciation guide

    You don’t have to pronounce Japanese words correctly to fish with tenkara, but we thought you’d enjoy learning...

  • Techniques for tenkara Tenkara techniques

    Techniques for tenkara

    Tenkara places more emphasis on technique rather than gear. One way to simplify is to reduce the number of fly choices and try different techniques. In Japan I’ve...

  • TENKARA+ Canyoneering Tenkara and canyoneering

    TENKARA+ Canyoneering

    Whether you are biking, hiking, kayaking or climbing, tenkara fishing can go well with any outdoor pursuit. In this video we go on a canyoneering adventure in the Pisgah...

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