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How to use a tenkara rod

On May 20, 2014
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How to use a tenkara rod

Opening a tenkara rod

1) Remove rod plug. Tilt rod down slightly to expose the tenkara rod tip.
2) Keeping the hard tip of the rod inside the main segment, expose the braided tip material (the lillian), attach line to rod tip. (keeping the hard tip inside will prevent a broken tenkara rod)
3) Once your line is attached, hold rod handle segment near the opening with one hand. With the other hand pull the tenkara rod tip, and each subsequent segment out, sliding them out between your fingers. Starting with the tip pull each piece out completely until next segment comes out and becomes snug. Do this in order. Pieces should feel snug, not overly tight.

Closing a tenkara rod

To collapse the tenkara rod, simply start by pushing the segments back into the handle, in order, starting with the thickest segment first and making your way to the tip of the rod. You may leave your tenkara line tied to the rod tip, and, when you have collapsed the entire rod, wind the line around a tenkara line holder and move on to the next stop. If you’re ready to pack up for the rest of the day, pull the tag end of your line to remove the line from the rod and stow both away.

Should you have any problems with your tenkara rod, take a look at the rod troubleshooting page for easy solutions to common problems.

How to use a tenkara rod

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