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Yamame review

On May 26, 2014
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The Yamame tenkara rod is ideal if you are consistently catching good sized fish in not so open areas.

The Yamame is named after one of the most prevalent fish in the mountain streams of Japan. It is a rod with a lot of power, and the rod with most backbone we currently offer.
It has enough tip action and sensitivity that even small fish feel great with it, but it shines if you frequently catch larger fish (>16″). This is the rod we recommend. Since less of the rod flexes when casting, casting feels very precise.

These rods have a subdued matte finish. We took most of the gloss out of these rods to reduce reflection.
   5 out of 5 flies

Tim Harris says, “Perfect for small river, larger trout. I had been using my 11′ Iwana on mountain streams and rivers but wasn’t too sure about it handling fish up to 20″ in a small lowland river so I got the Yamame. This rod is perfect for the water I’m fishing and I’ve landed many trout in the 12-14″ range now, a few in the 15-16″ range and had one 18+” fish on which I lost trying to net. The rod has enough backbone to handle these bigger fish which seem to be some of the stronger trout around thanks to the heavy currents of the river. Can’t wait to try the rod on a spring creek where the fish can get really big.”

YAMAME, $139


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