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On May 5, 2020
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Sato™ tenkara rod + kit (adjustable 10'8"/11'10"/12'9") Sato Adjustable tenkara rod
  • Adjustable tenkara rod = versatility
  • Includes all you need to fly-fish
Hane™, the Tenkara USA® adventure rod (10'10") Hane tenkara rod
  • Great value
  • Collapses to 15 inches
  • Capable of landing a variety of fish
RHODO (adjustable 8'10"/9'9"/10'6") Rhodo-tenkara-rod
  • Adjustable tenkara rod = versatility
  • Can be fished short when you need it, or long when you want it.
IWANA (12ft) Iwana tenkara rod
  • Great value
  • Simple, fixed 12ft length
  • A classic
TENKARA LINES Our most popular lines
Level Line (3.5 Orange) Tenkara Level Line
  • Cut to desired length
  • Make 4 or 5 lines from one spool
  • Cut or join together as needed
spool of 65ft
Tapered Line (11ft) Tenkara tapered line
  • Easiest to cast
  • Super quick to setup with a girth hitch
  • Simpler
for one line
TENKARA FLIES At Tenkara USA® we offer a small selection of very effective tenkara flies, or kebari
set of 3
Tenkara flies in a box (12 flies) Tenkara fly box with 12 tenkara flies
  • The full Tenkara USA® collection
  • 3 of each of the flies we offer
  • Very effective fly patterns in variety of conditions
for 12 flies and box

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