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Tenkara USA® – the Original tenkara brand in the US

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On May 15, 2020
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Why buy
Tenkara USA®?

Tenkara is all we do. Since our inception in 2009 we built a reputation for excellent quality and the best service in the industry. You can call or email and we actually pick up the phone! We encourage you to try that before making your purchase: 888.i.tenkara. Each person in our team is a tenkara angler and will be happy to support your purchase and answer questions – read these testimonials. We are also part of 1% for the Planet, with 1% of every sale going to environmental organizations that ensure we all have good places to fish, and are the only tenkara rod company with that commitment.

Exclusive Tenkara Rod Designs:
Over a decade of improvements!

Our rods use very high grade components, including carbon fiber made with exclusive processes to ensure they will land that fish of a lifetime while remaining ultra-light in their weight. We knew from the start that to successfully introduce tenkara outside of Japan we had to offer tenkara equipment anglers could rely on. We designed our tenkara rods to withstand the pressures of catching large fish and being used in variety of situations. Over the last decade we have taken every opportunity to refine our small selection of rods rather than releasing a new rod every season to simply make more sales, as a result our rods have been tested and improved for years (in the case of our now classic 12ft Iwana rods, for over a decade!). We have designed unique features, such as the Keep Your Plug™ system used on our adjustable tenkara rods so that you will never lose your tenkara rod plug. And, the adjustable feature of our tenkara rods doesn’t wear out as it does on a lot of other tenkara “zoom” rods in the market.

Tenkara Care™

The Tenkara Care™ Guarantee is our commitment to getting your tenkara rod back in working order as quickly as possible should you ever have any problems. Tenkara USA rods come with a lifetime warranty; in most cases you do not have to mail anything back to us as we can send you replacement parts for Tenkara USA rods. If you have any problems just call us at 888.i.tenkara or email us. We will take care of you.

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