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Meet our team

On May 20, 2014
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  • Daniel Galhardo, Tenkara USA founder, photo by Tim Gasperak-2


    Founder, CEO

    Daniel founded Tenkara USA in 2009 and introduced tenkara outside of Japan. He strives to ensure tenkara touches and inspires people to simplify their fly-fishing experience.

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  • TJ, Tenkara Customer Service


    Customer Service and Ops

    TJ has been working with us since 2011 and is in charge of customer service. His jolly smile and friendly connection with customers has helped ensure Tenkara USA earn a reputation for terrific customer service.

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  • Tenkara customer service John Geer


    Dealer and Customer Services

    John Geer works closely with TJ on our customer service team and helps ensure we give the impression of having 24/7 customer support (which we kind of do). He also works closely with our dealer network.

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  • Jeremy Shellhorn Tenkara USA designer



    Jeremy Shellhorn is our in-house graphic designer. Jeremy brings a unique sensibility to our brand; his work is the embodiment of tenkara in graphic form. Jeremy is also the illustrator and designer for Daniel’s “tenkara – the book”.

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