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On May 15, 2014
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  • The Ito Tenkara USA Ito on large fish

    The Ito

    The Ito is Daniel’s favorite rod as well as that of many of the most experienced tenkara anglers. Yet, people are intimidated by its length. Listen to this episode...

  • Fishing Small Streams and Tight Waters fishing small streams with a tenkara rod

    Fishing Small Streams and Tight Waters

    Fly-fishing small streams and tight waters require the right tactics. In this episode Daniel discusses the equipment, rigging options and techniques used to fish small...

  • Happy New Year! NEW-YEAR

    Happy New Year!

    2016 went by fast! Daniel does a retrospective on the year that has gone by (the 7th year in existence for Tenkara USA) and looks ahead to 2017 for exciting developments...

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