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On May 15, 2014
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  • #TenkaraTunes – Our Spotify playlists Tenkara Tunes Fly-fishing music on Spotify

    #TenkaraTunes – Our Spotify playlists

    Tenkara USA is curating some awesome playlists on Spotify. These will have a good mix of songs for you to listen to on your way to the stream, music to listen to while...

  • Short Cast: News from Tenkara USA Tenkara Cast News from Tenkara USA

    Short Cast: News from Tenkara USA

    So many news from Tenkara USA! A new tenkara rod (Hane) was released, a new CEO was hired, we announced the date for the 10th Anniversary Tenkara Summit, a Spotify...

  • On Simplicity Tenkara Cast Simplicity

    On Simplicity

    “Simplicity is a choice. It is easy to make things in life complex, but these complexities don’t usually add to our experience” – Daniel...

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