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Knots for tenkara

On May 20, 2014
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Girth Hitch,tying line to tenkara rod
Tenkara tapered line to rod tip: GIRTH HITCH
Very easy knot, fold loop over line and pull line through it. That gives you a hitch, which you will slide over the soft tip of the rod (called the "lillian") and tighten against a stopper knot at the tip of the rod. *Always leave the hard tip of the rod inside the main part of the rod to prevent breakage.
tying tippet to tenkara level line
Tippet to level line, tippet to end of tapered line, or tippet to fly: DOUBLE-LOOP SLIP KNOT
Make a loop, then two small loops at the base of that, and finally pass the tag end of your tippet through the two small loops only from the back towards you. Practice this one a few times at home, it is a very easy and simple knot but can be tied incorrectly at first. The video will help.
 Level line to tenkara rod is a variation of the Double-loop Slip Knot, minus one loop:
This knot can be tied almost identically to the double-loop slip knot. Make a loop, then a smaller loop at the base of it and pass your tag through the small loop only. We recommend tying a stopper knot at the two ends of your level line before connecting it to the rod or tippet to line.

The blood knot is useful for connecting two lines together, for example if you decide to cut your main level line to shorten it (do not cut the tapered line), and later you wish the level line was longer again, you can connect them together with a blood knot. Or, if your tippet gets too short, you can tie more tippet to it with a blood knot. All you do is make the lines parallel, turn the line 3 times around on one side, pass the end through the middle, then turn the line 3 times on the other side and pass the tag end through the middle in the opposite direction, and pull on the lines.

Blood knot to connect two lines together

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