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Ito review

On May 26, 2014
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The Ito has an adjustable length and is our longest tenkara rod, providing tremendous reach for the best presentations. One of our favorites.

We love recommending, and while it takes a while to get used to the long length most people upgrade to the Ito eventually.

The Ito can be fished at 13ft or 14ft 7inches (390/450cm) We strived to achieve a very long rod, with the lightest possible feel. A true delight to fish any mountain stream, the Ito will be most at home in wider streams, larger rivers and ponds. It is the main rod we like to recommend for those who fish more open streams. The Ito feels lightest at 13ft, as the balance is brought closer to the handle.  It feels a bit heavier than our other rods at the full length, so we recommend using it at 13ft for the most part and 14ft7inches when you want it.

   5 out of 5 flies

Statikpunk says, ” You will learn to love it. Coming from the much stiffer feeling Iwanas, This rod was a stretch and to be totally honest at first I didn’t like it very much because of its slow action. But now that I have gotten used to it I much prefer it to any of my other rods, the zoom function for me doesn’t get used much but on the rare occasions when I need it I’m glad its there. also I have found that when the wind is blowing hard that extending the rod out to its full length gives just enough power to cast fairly well. this will not be a rod that I give up any time soon. I did on one very large fish (larger than is recommended for this rod) have my rod break. the guys here got me my replacement parts with no hassle in less than 4 days! I was back on the water the very next weekend. I couldn’t be happier with the rod or the service.”

ITO, $235

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