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How tenkara works

On May 23, 2014
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You have a telescopic rod that extends out to 12ft on average – rod length ranges from 8’10” to 14’7″. You tie a fixed length of line to the rod tip. Line length can be from the same length as the rod to  over 2x the length of the rod . With line tied to the tip of the rod, rod extended, about 4ft of tippet at the end of the line and your fly, you’re ready to fish.  Casting is very intuitive, just move the rod back and forth to throw the line forward and cast your fly to where the fish is. You’ll pick up the casting in about 2 minutes, scroll down to learn how to cast with tenkara. And, of course, you may be wondering, “how do I land a fish if there is no reel”? Super intuitive, a fish is pulling one way, you’ll just pull it towards you by tilting the rod back and bring the fish toward you. Keep reading to find out more.

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