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Casting and techniques

On May 20, 2014
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Tenkara casting becomes very obvious when you have a rod in hand, it is a bit similar to throwing a ball at a target, your brain does most of the work after a few attempts. The videos below will show you how to cast with tenkara as well as techniques for using your tenkara fly and also how to land fish with tenkara.

  • How to cast with tenkara tenkara-shirt

    How to cast with tenkara

    Casting with tenkara is not difficult. In fact, we find it to be a very intuitive thing to do. Learn how to cast tenkara in this video with Daniel Galhardo. Remember to...

  • Techniques for tenkara Tenkara techniques

    Techniques for tenkara

    Tenkara places more emphasis on technique rather than gear. One way to simplify is to reduce the number of fly choices and try different techniques. In Japan I’ve...

  • Pause-and-drift technique and landing Pause-and-drift technique for tenkara

    Pause-and-drift technique and landing

    Here’s a good video shot at Mossy Creek, Virginia, demonstrating the effective use of the pause-and-drift technique for tenkara. It also perfectly illustrates how...

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