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Grayling on Tenkara

On June 29, 2013
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Just got on the road for the 6-hour drive back to Anchorage, Alaska, from 3-days of fishing with veterans of Project Healing Waters. I’ll be writing a full trip report shortly and put a video together, but in the meantime wanted to share a photo of one of the many grayling caught in this trip with our tenkara rods, lines and flies. Phenomenal.


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5 Responses to Grayling on Tenkara

  1. Jay Pape says:

    Congrats on the grayling, Daniel! I remember you saying last summer that you really wanted to get one. Well, hopefully not just one. Looking forward to the full report.

  2. Adam says:

    Grayling are awesome, so beautiful. I will have to work hard to catch one using Kebari. I have caught them with a fly rod. Another odd thing I noticed about Grayling, they have a unique smell. Yours is ALASKA huge!!! Nice one Daniel.

    • Jay, was totally stoaked! Probably 100+ grayling, got my fill for a while.
      Adam, indeed they smell very different, a bit smelly, like some saltwater fish. Also, I found them to be super strong fish, they take the fly and fight very different from trout.

  3. Keith Genter says:

    Daniel, it was really good to have you visit and accompany us on the Project Healing Waters trip at Tangle Lakes. Thanks for the use of your gear, and the pictures. I look forward to your video. Hope you enjoyed your time in Alaska and brought home some great memories. Until the next time, Keith

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