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Hane 2

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Hane 2

Postby Adam Trahan » Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:00 pm

Anyone been out with their Hane (2) that was released at the 2017 Tenkara USA Summit?

I have one, and have been rather busy but am planning to craft a couple of lines for it, finding out which level line that I like.

I'll use it for travel, forest streams and I'm really liking the soft tip and the aesthetics of the rod.

I'm hoping to share some experiences with other anglers that have the Hane 2.

Thanks in advance.
Adam Trahan
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Re: Hane 2

Postby nkaneshiki » Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:09 pm

I can testify to it's durability. I had a chance to fish on some water back in PA. Sight fished for a 19-20" rainbow. He took it and the fight was on. Unfortunately I tried to manhandle him and my tippet broke. The rod, however played the fish and held up extremely well. It does seem a bit stiff and fast at first, but once you have the rhythm down, it does cast very nicely. You're right about the soft tip, however. Makes the cast nice and soft. Very portable, very versatile. Perhaps my only criticism is that it could use a longer lillian. I don't know if this would affect the casting and touch, however.

Neil A. Kaneshiki
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Re: Hane 2

Postby Adam Trahan » Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:09 pm


I have it in cue, I have quite a few irons in the fire but it will get some attention from me this week. I still have to build a line for mine, I've got some #4 and I always terminate the tip with a bit of #3 clear in fluorocarbon then a tippet ring. I'm not sure how long I'll make the line, I really like a +1.5m or so, probably start with that.

I'm about to go to Mountain Home, Arkansas. This place is one of the big trout areas in the East. I'll fish the Hane there, actually, I'll have Noah fish the Hane there for GIANT RAINBOWS. Last couple of years, he has hung into more than a dozen trout larger than 20", actually probably more than that. There is a stream there that is managed for 15 years and younger, chock filled with mega giant trout from the hatchery next door. Typical small stream with good flow, relatively open but with some overhead branches, I'll do some Jedi training with Noah. I have a bunch of video already of him fighting these monsters, it's sort of funny. We walk up to the spot, Noah in a Pokemon t-shirt and red or green jacket, me in my Adidas track pants looking like tourists. The locals wearing a thousand dollars in Simms gear, two thousand in fishing gear, vest loaded to the max and here we go traipsing up the stream, la tee dah like the tourists we are.

Not even noticed.

Then we drop in and step up to the stream, Noah knows what to do and rod immediately bent, big bad fish tight, bendo.

We are quiet.

And we do it again and again, almost landing these things on 7x.

This time, we take the Hane, our white wing.

...less than two weeks and we are there.

I need to line up this rod, get ready.

BTW, a longer lillian is pretty easy to do on your own.

Thanks for ringing in.

I'll get some video and pics up soon enough.
Adam Trahan
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Re: Hane 2

Postby Adam Trahan » Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:51 pm

Noah caught some nice fish today.

We have three more days of Jedi training before we have to go back to the desert.

Super excited to be taking Noah tenkara fishing with the Hane.

I'm going fishing tomorrow, it will be a little anticlimactic after fishing this place but I am still looking forward to it.



Adam Trahan
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