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Nama Gear.Com - Claw

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:12 pm
by Karl Klavon
Here is a neat little gadget that makes tarp setups a lot quicker and easier, especially for those of us who are knot averse. They also sell the 1/16" 500 Lb. test line it works best on. $3.00 a Claw and 0.25 cents a foot for the cord. Not bad at all in my view: And

Re: Nama Gear.Com - Claw - Split Ridgeline Application

PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:07 pm
by Karl Klavon
And here is a video on how to hang a tarp with a split ridge line:

Re: Nama Gear.Com - Claw

PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 1:47 pm
by Karl Klavon
Nama Claw /Dutch Hook / Split Ridge Line and Tarp Setup

Thursday, two Nama Gear Claws and 26 feet of 1.75 mm line arrived in the mail. Friday, the two Dutch Hooks showed up the same way, but it was raining cats and dogs so I took that opportunity to make up the two ridge lines.

Making the Ridge Lines: I doubled the cord over and cut it in the middle, giving me two 13 Ft. line lengths. Then at the claw end, I slid a claw onto the line so that the notched toggle was pointed toward the other end of the line – the long end. Then I tied an overhand loop in the short end of the cord, right behind the claw. At the other end of the line I threaded a Dutch Hook, and tied in a second overhand loop so that the hook is on the inside of the loop, completing one ridge line. This was repeated again the same way for the second ridge line.

Rigging the Tarp: The tarp is 8 X 10 feet, so on the 10’ corners a 12” length of 1/8” diameter cord was run through the grommets and tied into continuous loops. For the 8 foot corners, two 7 Ft. long Dog Bones were made up and Girth Hitched on to the two 8-foot grommet corners. Then, two Hennessy Snake Skins were slid over the tarp, which were not long enough to cover the whole thing but will work for setup and take down purposes anyway.

The Tarp Setup: Taking two trekking poles and two tent stakes out into the backyard with me, with the ridge lines in my pocket, and the tarp coiled around my body in its snake skin, I wrapped the Hook end of one ridge line around a tree and hooked the Dutch Hook to the line. Then I walked the line out a ways and ran it through the cord loop on the tarp now above the Snake Skin, adjusting it by pulling the bottom of the now doubled over cord back, sliding the Claw back with me as far as needed, and then hooking the Claw/Tarp/Loop into the Claw notch. Then walking the tarp to its other end, and looping on the second Ridge line by the same doubled over ridge line process just explained, and then hooking the Dutch Hook to the line run around a clothesline pole. Adjustments are made by simply lifting on the cord to unlock the Claw, and then sliding it to a new location.

Staking The Sides Of The Tarp Out: If a view is desired, take a ski pole and pull out on the cord looped to the 8 Ft. corner of the tarp, wrap it twice around the pole grip under tension, set the angle of the pole while running the cord to the ground, and place a tent stake through the Dog Bone loop and into the ground. Do the same with the other side and you are all done. More coverage can be gained by staking the tarp directly to the ground.

Conclusion: All of this takes a lot longer to explain and read than it does to actually do in the field.