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Fishing & Camping Ideas in ID, MT & WY during Road trip

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Fishing & Camping Ideas in ID, MT & WY during Road trip

Postby ryanrankin » Mon Apr 15, 2019 7:06 pm

Hi everyone, I have a favor about fishing/camping spots I'd like to ask of the group. At the beginning of June, I’m moving from San Francisco to Chicago (with stops in Portland & Green Bay, WI to see family), and I’ll be driving!

I’m still planning my route, but I’d like to spend 5-7 days in and around Idaho, Montana, and/or Wyoming to fish and hang out.

Because I’m driving, I’ll have a car full of my possessions (only whatever I can fit in my truck), so I don’t want to leave it for a few days, but if there are places I can drive to, camp and fish a little, that’d be wonderful. I don’t mind driving off road for a bit to reach the river/campsite either.

For reference, below is a map I’m going to make of camping and fishing spots along with the driving route. It currently has my tentative driving route. If you all have any recommendations on places to fish/camp, I would love to hear them (anyone is able to edit if you'd like to add a spot)! Thanks a lot!
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Re: Fishing & Camping Ideas in ID, MT & WY during Road trip

Postby dpnoll » Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:17 am

The Black Hills have some great trout fishing.
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