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The Who's Who of Tenkara...

PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 7:47 pm
by FixedLineAngler
Hey Everyone,

So besides Daniel, who are the people to follow in the tenkara community?


Re: The Who's Who of Tenkara...

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:14 am
by Rob Ruff
Check out Teton Tenkara, Fallfish Tenkara, tenkara-fisher, tenkara grasshopper, tenkara talk, tenkarabum and there's a bunch more.

Re: The Who's Who of Tenkara...

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:52 am
by FixedLineAngler

Re: The Who's Who of Tenkara...

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:32 pm
by Adam Trahan

I have to find Ishigaki-sensei web site as I have not been to it in a while but that is a good one too. There are a lot of great tenkara web sites to enjoy some time reading or watching...

Re: The Who's Who of Tenkara...

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 11:06 pm
by dwalker
Hi Tim,
Welcome to the TUSA forum, and the Tenkara World in general.

There are many blogs / forums I could recommend, but since it is bad form to recommend websites on this forum that also sale products that compete with the TUSA products, I wont recommend any of them directly.

However, on some of the links below - I will in some cases provide a link to the site's Links page. Where you can find your way from there to many tenkara websites that may appeal to your interest.

First, I would recommend Michael Agneta's Tenkara Angler online quarterly tenkara magazine.
You can read it online, pay to download the issues in PDF format or order a print copy.

Secondly, is a link to the Japanese language blog of Dr. Hisao Ishigaki. He is, I believe, Daniel's primary Japanese Tenkara mentor or sensi. Also known as Tenkara the Great or Great King. [テンカラ大王] The link below also covers his other interest. The Tenkara blog post are mostly in the center column.

Oh, and just as an FYI about Japanese language :
Tenkara = テンカラ
Tenkara Fishing = テンカラ釣り
Tenkara rod = テンカラ竿 or テンカラロッド
Tenkara Fly (kebari) = テンカラ毛鉤
Tenkara Line = テンカラライン

Next is a link to the English language section on Masami Sakakibara's blog. aka Tenkara no Oni , Tenkara's Demon [ テンカラの鬼]. Specifically to the Links page where you can find several tenkara websites that might be of interest.

Probably the most frequently updated Japanese language tenkara blog is the Yoshida Kebari blog.

Two good reference sites for Japanese Flies, (Kebari / 毛鉤) are: Yoshikazu Fujioka-san's Best Streams (hi-ho) website ( for traditional kebari), and Todoroki-san's Kebariandfly blog (more far ranging kebari patterns) :

Christophe's English language blog Tenkaraenso, has a lot of good stuff. He hasn't done a lot of post this past year, but a lot of fun tenkara stuff going back about four years. And you will also find links to his favorite blogs.

I'm not a Facebook, Twitter guy.
But if you are you might want to take a look at Appalachian Tenkara Anglers FB page. Or just do an internet search for "facebook tenkara" to find several others.

Lastly, check out the 10 Colors Tenkara Forum.
The place several previous members of the Tenkara-Fisher Forum migrated to when it closed several months ago.

Hope these are the kinds of things you were looking for. :)

Re: The Who's Who of Tenkara...

PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:19 am
by Adam Trahan
As you can see, you are at a great place here as this is the FIRST tenkara site outside of Japan and I think you will find, it's a pretty complete site on it's own.