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Tenkara drawbacks! (Is there such thing?)

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Re: Tenkara drawbacks! (Is there such thing?)

Postby Adam Trahan » Fri May 07, 2010 5:01 pm

Stephen wrote:And don't sweat the wind...there are back eddies in the atmosphere too. Look for them at the edges of forest and vegetation as well as the bends in the river.

Actually, you are wise to advise this way as well. For many seasons, I have fished zero weights in the high mountain meadows where the convective winds of summer sometimes move the small trees. If you time the gusts well, you can fish between the wind too.

The trick is to have less between you and the fish. The "less" is fishing tackle. The tackle industry says that if you are having trouble you need this gizmo. No gizmos in tenkara, are there?
May I suggest that you folks that are currently struggling take one rod, one line, and a few flies and go get acquainted with the fish

And this is brilliant.

I purchased my first fly fishing magazine in about a decade this year. A person I know wrote a fine article and I wanted to read it in print instead of online at my web site. You are what you read. I pick up the magazines when I am at the book store but it is as you say...

When I started to fish flys in the salt about fifteen years ago, it was almost all consuming. Tenkara is almost in that direction yet it is much more peaceful. There is so much less and so much more at the same time.

Lots of cool things to look forward to with less "stuff"

However, I am excited to make one of these for my tamo.

And what about an alternative to shikake-maki?


How cool is that?
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Re: Tenkara drawbacks! (Is there such thing?)

Postby jbenenson » Sun May 09, 2010 9:39 am

Drawbacks? You're kidding! I prefer "limitations" as a more accurate term.

Those of us who have chosen tenkara have done so knowing that we were engaging in an activity that is quite different from the hi tech, overly cumbersome style of fly fishing that prevails in this country.

An analogy that I use is comparing downhill skiing to Telemark skiing. Same slope and snow, but some prefer to choose a different style that is a different experience from the "normal" method. IMHO, there are no drawbacks to tenkara, only increased challenge, awareness, and enjoyment.

As I have done with the folks that I have "converted", instead of telling them what it's like, take them to the water and let them try it.
I would like to have the modest contact with the nature in hope of continuing the beautiful streams forever

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Re: Tenkara drawbacks! (Is there such thing?)

Postby Adam Trahan » Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:43 am ... omment-615



I know a gentleman here in the USA that can make you an American made net very suitable for tenkara. I am working with him on another design as well.

The Tamo holster works, it increases the usability of your tamo by 100% You can remove the net easily and replace it as well.

I did not have to go to Japan to figure this one out.
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Re: Tenkara drawbacks! (Is there such thing?)

Postby Daniel @ Tenkara USA » Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:47 am

I have to give the tamo holder a try sometime. I saw some instructions on it, and a site showing them, but didn't see anyone using them in Japan. Mostly people just put it right on their wading belt. They look useful though, like having a utility belt.
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