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Tenkara Practices Survey

Tenkara is a new type of fishing to the US, and information (particularly in English) is sparse. This is the place to build a knowledge base of Tenkara.

Tenkara Practices Survey

Postby dwalker » Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:51 pm

This is an invitation to do an anonymous, short, easy, quick survey about your tenkara practices.
The questions are basic: how long tenkara fishing, length of rod and line, type of line, type of kebari, that sort of thing.

Recently Dr Ishigaki posted the results of a similar survey following some kind of tenkara meeting in Japan. I believe 70 of 96 people participated. The Google translation isn't to weird.



Maybe this will make it more interesting. The Titles on the 11 graphs.

1) 参加者の年代 Age of participants
2) 住んでいるところ Where you live
3) 経験年数 Years of experience
4) 渓流釣りにおけるテンカラは: Tenkara mountain stream fishing:
テンカラのみ Tenkara only
ほとんどテンカラ mostly tenkara
ときどきテンカラ occasionally tenkara
まれにテンカラ rarely tenkara

5) 主として使う竿の長さ Length of rod mainly used
6) 主として使うラインの長さ Length of line mainly used
3.5m以下 Less than 3.5m (~ 11.5 ft)
5m以上 More than 5m ( ~ 16.4 ft)

7) 主として使うハリスの号数 Issue no. of harris (aka tippet) mainly used.
0.8号 = 5x
その他 other

8) ハリスの種類 Type of harris (tippet)
フロロカーボン fluorocarbon
ナイロン nylon
その他 other

9) 主として使うハリの大きさ Size of hari (aka hook) mainly used
10番以下 less than no. 10 ( I would read this as a hook no. smaller than no. 10, iow a larger hook than no. 10, such as 6 or 2.
10番 - 16番 no. 10 - no. 16
不明 unknown

10) 普段使うハリは Type of hari (hook) mainly used
バーブレスハリ barbless
バーブあリ barbed

11) 魚は? Fish ?
すべてリリース release all
ほとんどリリース release most
。。。の分だけキープ ? .... only keep the?
すべてキープ keep all.

Seeing this inspired Peder on the TF forum to set up a survey on an independent website. The more people who complete the survey the better the results. It is hoped at least 200 people will do the survey. People from anywhere in the world.


The Survey webpage ( this survey is shorter than Dr Ishigaki's survey) ;

Thanks for playing. :)
Send the link to a friend who avoids tenkara forums or other social media.

Tenkara is fundamental fishing fun
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Re: Tenkara Practices Survey

Postby dwalker » Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:10 pm

After long delay the results of the survey-planet Tenkara Practices Survey have been posted. Here:


Not as many participants as hoped for, but some surprising results.

Tenkara is fundamental fishing fun
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