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Full video (subtitled) of Dr. Ishigaki's talk

PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:42 am
by Paul Gaskell

Please find the link below to the full-length video of the talk that Dr. Ishigaki gave in the UK in September 2013.
There are a number of things that I'd like to draw out in regard to this talk - especially prompted by a number of responses to the initial publication of this video online.

First of all - although Dr. Ishigaki has given a couple of talks outside Japan (notably at the Catskill Fly fishing centre and museum as part of Misako Ishimura's "Made in Japan" exhibition) - not many people would have been able to attend either that talk, or the one Ishigaki-san gave in England. So, having it available for anyone to view (and having fastidiously, detailed and accurate translations as subtitles) is a potentially significant resource.

Secondly - because of the relationship between Ishigaki-san and Steven Wheeler (who acted as interpreter) - some additional subtleties and caveats could be explained and clarified with certainty (some of which were left as a much simpler/rigid statements in Dr. Ishigaki's earlier talks).

Thirdly - the talk contains radically new content that differs significantly from previous talks and previous messages subsequently propagated. There are two major examples of this - the first one being the comparison drawn between lowland, highly productive rivers (such as English chalkstreams) and mountain streams. Specifically, the previous very simple (and broadly helpful) statement that trout don't select flies is given some additional shading by explaining how fish need to behave a little differently in contrasting habitats. Such that, some attributes of flies other than just the size may on some occasions become important enough to impact on the angler and their choice of artificial fly. The strategies of "take without much discrimination and spit out if not food" in mountain streams versus "there is plenty of time and it doesn't take much energy to inspect items and compare to a "prey image" - and there is likely to be another item of food arriving soon if I reject this one anyway" on slow, flat, productive rivers...are each optimised to their respective environments. So much so, that Dr. Ishigaki suggests that if you transplanted a fish from one of those environments to the other - it would change and adopt the "local" strategy. The second big departure from previous talks is the inclusion, as a minor variation and option for conditions that are atypical of Japanese mountain streams of being able to incorporate tungsten weighting into tenkara flies when the water is especially deep, fast and/or coloured. It is not a "go to" first line of attack - but on some rivers under some conditions, you will not be able to get the fly deep enough - even when searching out down-welling currents (or be able to get the fish to come up high enough in the water) to take your fly. However, this generally applies when you take tenkara out of Japan and fish it in other waters, and Dr. Ishigaki was keen to stress that tenkara is flexible, but it is good to understand the more common aspects of using simple, unweighted flies and the duration/manner in which they are presented to fish before translating that to using those same techniques with weighted flies.

20 minute video (subtitled in English) here:

Blog post with video also embedded here: ... f-tenkara/

Re: Full video (subtitled) of Dr. Ishigaki's talk

PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 11:24 am
by GregM
Thanks Paul.

This is good stuff.

Re: Full video (subtitled) of Dr. Ishigaki's talk

PostPosted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:27 am
by Paul Gaskell
Cheers Greg, glad you like :)