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American Angler Nov09 article

Tenkara is a new type of fishing to the US, and information (particularly in English) is sparse. This is the place to build a knowledge base of Tenkara.

Re: American Angler Nov09 article

Postby Stephen McGowen » Sun Nov 01, 2009 4:06 pm

Hey...what do you expect? The mags are about business not about fishing. You won't get much from the mags for your 7 bucks but a fresh load of BS. No less a person than "Lefty" Kreh once said there is more BS associated with fly fishing than anything he's ever heard of. He obviously never heard of golf.

The only folks who'll ever teach you anything worth knowing about fishing are in the river hiding behind the rocks. They are definitely not trying to sell you anything. They are just wiggling away their fishy lives. Can't you hear them calling you?

The great think about tenkara is its SIMPLICITY. Throw away the mags and go fishing....simple enough.
Stephen McGowen
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