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New Mexico Bluegill II - New Lesson Learned

A place to discuss techniques and rigging options for use in "non-mountain stream" areas such as lakes and warm-water areas, as well as non-traditional tenkara techniques such as nymphing.

New Mexico Bluegill II - New Lesson Learned

Postby Vince_villavivencio » Mon Aug 19, 2019 9:48 am

Learned something new while fishing for Bluegill with a Tenkara Rod.

After I would cast out a floating fly (Itsabug - http://www.southeastflyfishingforum....nal-t5273.html) and letting it sit until the wave rings disappeared, I started to move the fly by tapping on the handle (such as described by Discover Tenkara - Ashtapa-zuri, Note, Ashtapa-zuri => tap the ashes from a cigar.

I got lethargic big Bluegill chasing down the fly from 15 feet away.


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