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The FlySpoke Knot Testing And Tying Video

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The FlySpoke Knot Testing And Tying Video

Postby Karl Klavon » Mon Feb 24, 2020 9:14 am

This video has been posted on this form before, but it was titled as a Davey or a Double Davey Knot, which it clearly is not. And through out the video FlySpoke refers to this knot as a Double Davey Knot, which really muddies the waters of understanding. And to be perfectly clear, the FlySpoke Knot is a far better knot than the Double Davey Knot is.

Please Note the All Capitol Letters Statement that appears on the heading page that shows through out the video, where FlySpoke corrects the miss-statements he made during the filming of this video.

Karl Klavon
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