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Hook Holder Idea

Hook Holder Idea

Postby 257ROBT » Wed Sep 29, 2010 7:04 pm

After a few Tenkara trips this year I began to wonder about a hook holder for the Tenkara rod. The biggest reasoning for this was because about two weeks ago I ended up putting a hook from a size 12 Ishigaki Kebari into my left hand thumb and ended up having to get it cut out at the doctors office, even with the barb pinched down. I noticed that when I move around, the fly ends up where I don't want it. I wanted something that was small, cheap, and wouldn't interfere with the rod action in any way. My idea is to use small rubber bands, like you get for braces (I am an older guy with them now so I have some rubberbands around). They roll down the shaft of the closed rod easily, they aren't bulky and distracting, they don't interfere with the rod action, and when you put a few on the rod they aren't an eyesore. When on the go, slip your fly underneath the band to keep it in place, and then loosely wrap up the line but not pulling on the tip.

I haven't tried it on the stream yet, but will get a chance tomorrow so I'll know more. At home the idea looks pretty good.

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Re: Hook Holder Idea

Postby Yamame » Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:40 pm

I think it may be a good idea, but why not just put the hook on the cork handle? That's how I have always done it and while it punctures the handle a little it still hasn't been noticeable. It's best done with barbless hooks (or pinched at least).
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Re: Hook Holder Idea

Postby Morgan » Sat Oct 02, 2010 12:42 pm

I like the EZ Keeper -- there are posts on the boards about it and a YouTube vid. For one thing, I mostly fish an Ebisu with the pine handle & can't poke a hook into it. But I've always hated rods of any kind that didn't have a hook keeper.
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