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Loving the new TUSA Line

Discussion of tenkara lines, tippets, etc...

Loving the new TUSA Line

Postby tsegelke » Sat Jul 16, 2016 1:57 pm

I received the new TUSA lines middle of last week and, was able to try them out on a very special spring fed remote mountain stream on Monday. I can’t say enough about the new line.

I was a die-hard furled line user. I have a spool of level line, but have only used it to remember why I don’t use level line.

I have tried other Tenkara Tapered Lines that were not furled, but was never impressed. They didn’t turn over the same. They were too stiff for soft presentation, too much memory, too heavy to keep of the water, or was unable to slow down the cast to really work the tight waters. I frequently had to over power the cast so was unable to curve, bend, reach, air mend etc..

I love the why the furled line turns over, how much you can slow down the cast, and how much more responsive it is. I have even gone to the lengths of furling my own lines with materials from silk to Kevlar with varying tapers. I won’t be doing that any more.

I received my line in the middle of the week, and had to check it out. Immediately, I noticed how little memory this line has. The line does have a little memory but, it is negligible. I unrolled the line and was surprised that I could actually cast the line by hand. I have only been able to do that with well-balanced furled lines. I rigged up three rods in my back yard to give it a go. TUSA Tapered line was responsive to the Ebisu (5:5), my Amago (big backbone), and the Sato. The loops on the line stayed tight and responsive from casting as slow as I could and, even when I tried to overpower the rod. The line is awesome on any rod I own.

This line is very responsive. I was able to curve, reach, slack, bow and arrow and performed in any type of tight spots I found. Awesome.

The best part of the line is that it is also very easy to keep off the water. I was able to keep the fly in eddies and back currents, even in narrow casting lanes that with other lines I wouldn’t have even tried before.

Awesome Job TUSA!
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Re: Loving the new TUSA Line

Postby dwalker » Tue Jul 19, 2016 6:35 pm

For the way I usually fish. Rivers, with 3.9m, 4m or 4.5m rod. The 14ft 9 in (4.5 m) line is a sweet length. The Goldilocks length, just right. ;)

From what I can tell these lines are the same as the Fujino Soft Tenkara lines. But offered in different lengths.

Last summer I fished a lot with the 4m and 5m lines. I also have the Long Soft Tenkara lines. I fished once or twice with the 7m line, just to see how it went. But mostly I just used the longer ones ( 7m ~ 10m) to practice casting with to improve my casting skill.
Unfortunately thus far this year I haven't discovered where I put my 4m and 5m lines. Anyway, while fishing with those lines last year I thought a 4.5 m line would be perfect with a 3.9 or 4 m rod. When using level lines I mostly fish with 4.5 or 5 m line. But 4m is a good length with a 3.6 m rod.

If you haven't seen them they are a really intense orange. So intense when I first got them I thought they would be to hi-viz and spook the fish. But I caught plenty of fish with them. They cast very nicely. Give them a try I think you'll like them. They work well on a windy day too.

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Re: Loving the new TUSA Line

Postby tsegelke » Fri Jul 22, 2016 5:56 pm

I have tried the Soft lines. They did not impress me. I quickly got frustrated with them on the river and, changed back to my furled lines. They just weren't for me.

The final test and comparison I did was, was my river test. On the river, the TUSA lines were in the sweet spot and did everything I asked them to.

It always comes down to preference and fit. I'm just excited to have found another awesome fit for me. Loving it. :D
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