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Best material for transition loop

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Best material for transition loop

Postby Pagirnis » Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:17 am

Hi everyone!
I am completely new to tenkara, so I'm sorry for stupid questions in advance.
I wanted to ask you about transition loops. I am a DIY kind of guy so I am making my own furled leaders and was wondering what is the best material to make the transition loop out of. I found very little information on the subject. It seems some use braided fishing line, some people use fly backing (either 20lb or 30lb). What do you use? I've seen many say that 30lb backing is better for 20lb one. Could you enlighten me why? And in case of thread furled leaders, why not use hitch knot on the leaders knot? Why attach transition loop? The furled leader made out of thread seems to be supple enough for hitch knot to work well, is it not?
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