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River Tamos 24 and 27 cm

A place to discuss tenkara nets. Techniques for making it, woods used, designs, etc.

River Tamos 24 and 27 cm

Postby dwalker » Sun Jun 20, 2010 1:15 pm

I found a link Friday to Ayu tamos with 39 cm ( 51.35 in) frame. Priced in U$ dollars.

I am not quite certain what the difference is between Ayu and Tenkara , I found a link a week ago introducing two new Ayu rods, the Twenty-one and the Thirty-one. One is meant for 21 cm fish and the other for 31 cm fish. I thought they were tenkara rods till I saw in the spec how long they are - 8.1 to 10.3 meters ( 26.67 ft to 33.9 ft ) I found it interesting that they have alignment marks on the sections for best performance and that they are rated by fish size not rod action ratio.

But I am really posting about Precious Wood River Tamos, 24cm to 27 cm ( 9.44 in to 10.62 in )

Are River Tamos different from Tenkara Tamos ? They look a lot the same to me and close to the 9 inch size mentioned else where as the typical tenkara net size.

24 cm $72

27cm $76

Opps, found a 30 cm , 11.8 " , $72

Some other river or ayu tamo are listed on the right side,

It appears that one can order from this company in US dollars. I know nothing of the company. I suspect that if you ordered from them the cost of shipping, packaging , customs, currency conversion, various hustles and shakedowns listed as handling fees to customs etc would double the listed price.

Anyway , those of you in the know about these nets may notice something that makes these not the same as a Tenkara nets. I've only seen them in 2 dimensions on a computer screen. To me the river tamos look the same as a tenkara tamo . Perhaps these are missing the deer antler good luck charm. And the bright colored nets, orange purple, etc. is different from what I have seen on online videos where they were all more low viz color net.

On the same web site I also ran across Torrent nets, I haven't a clue what that is and how it differs from Tenkara or Ayu fishing. Actually I thought the Ayu was a fish commonly targeted by tenkara fisherman and that is why Tenkarausa has a model called the Ayu . It appears the Ayu at some stage of its maturity is fished by a different style.

What do ya think?

A last question, Anyone know what a Tamaki Scraper is ? I only ask because I see one listed with the various hand nets.

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Re: River Tamos 24 and 27 cm

Postby Stephen McGowen » Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:52 pm

I'd seen this site before and like you am leery of an expensive transaction getting more expensive after you bite.
The Precious River tamos are Tenkara sized. 24cm and 27cm.
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Re: River Tamos 24 and 27 cm

Postby Daniel @ Tenkara USA » Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:04 am

Ayu nets are primarily much larger than the tenkara nets. The primary goal being to catch the ayu in the air as it is flung into the net (and usually "auto-released") when they do "decoy fishing:"As a result they tend to be a bit more flexible, and less solid than a tenkara net.
The "river tamos" is actually similar to what we're likely to offer in the near future. While not the same exact tenkara net, these are the only ones possible to be offered in any quantity and consistency.
The scraper is primarily used for lake fishing from boats and for a small type of carp.
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