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Making a durable tamo

A place to discuss tenkara nets. Techniques for making it, woods used, designs, etc.

Making a durable tamo

Postby Stephen McGowen » Sun Nov 21, 2010 10:38 am

The "single branch" tamos can be beautiful and they do require much fabrication time and give much pleasure in contemplation. I've broken a few in both making and use, and it is sad to think of that lost time and effort. I set about to make a more durable tamo and arrived at at bending hoops in aluminum after working with brass and stainless steel. Aluminum is easier to work and can be bent by hand, no finishing required but a quick polish with 4/0 steel wool.. Any wood can be used for the handle...pictured are two, one of bamboo with an antler tip and one of holly. The holly has a tether made of bungee cord and deer antler, the bamboo just a bungee cord with a loop for your wading belt.
Bamboo is easiest to use as it is already drilled by Mother Nature. Epoxy the hoop in one end and a deer antler in the other and you are done. Has a nice " Japanese tamo character" when completed and is tough ! Pic shows a bare hoop after fabrication so you can see the tang and get the idea. The bamboo is 24cm and the holly is 27cm. Those of you who are reluctant to "bend and steam" can give this method a try and you don't have to spend hours "searching for a perfect piece" of aluminum rod.
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Stephen McGowen
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Re: Making a durable tamo

Postby papa d » Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:49 am

I think thats a nice blend of traditional and modern/western style. Im going to be making one similar to your wading one if i can find some bamboo. If not some kinda wood.
How do you finish your bamboo wading one for water? Or is it ok just plain.
papa d
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Re: Making a durable tamo

Postby rsetina » Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:43 pm

Nice idea Stephen. You could go one step further and wrap the aluminum with rattan, giving it a more wood like look. Thanks for the idea.

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