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Rod for Colorado

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Rod for Colorado

Postby rbango » Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:57 am

Hey everyone,

I just moved to CO (Colorado Springs/Pueblo) and was wondering what the best all-around Tenkara rod may be. I currently have a Rhodo (I'm still a newbie to fly fishing in general and Tenkara specifically) and my local shop stated that it would work well for the smaller streams nearby, but that I may want to consider a bigger rod for some of the bigger rivers in the area. I have been researching both the Sato and the Iwana (the shop also recommended these two rods) for this purpose but am at a crossroads. I'm hoping some of you who have fished this area may be able to provide some sage advice.


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Re: Rod for Colorado

Postby outdoor.mne » Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:04 am

Send some pics from that rivers :)
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Re: Rod for Colorado

Postby John @ Tenkara USA » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:49 am

Hi Ralf,

Thank you for purchasing one of our rods and considering purchasing another. I think the shop you talked to had some good advice. The Sato would be a very good all around rod for Colorado. After all, that's basically what it was designed for.

Not to make you any more confused, but since you already have the Rhodo you might consider jumping up to the Ito. Most of Colorado's waters are pretty open, and the reach of the Ito will give you added line control. Tenkara USA's founder, Daniel Galhardo says it's favorite rod. Here's a link to his podcast on the matter, in case you haven't heard it:


If you fish a lot with a high rod tip and holding all of the line off of the water, the Ito will really shine for you. If you fish sort of "in between" you may prefer the lighter Sato. If I already had the Rhodo, I would probably want the Ito for a second rod.

The Sato is a great choice, and I think you'll be happy with it if that's what you pick, especially if you fish mostly smaller waters. If you're going to be doing much fishing on the larger, more open freestones like the Poudre, Big Thompson, Arkansas. and even open section of smaller creeks, you might really like the Ito.

Hope this helps and doesn't add to your confusion.

John Geer
John Geer at Tenkara USA
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Re: Rod for Colorado

Postby rbango » Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:14 pm

Hi John,

Thanks so much for the suggestions. I'm still looking at this point in order to make the best decision. I apologize for not having replied sooner- although I read your response awhile ago, I've tried to post a thank you before and had some issues with connectivity where I'm living.

Thanks again!

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