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The Ito

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The Ito

Postby Adam Trahan » Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:56 am

I'm coming full circle on the Ito. It's one of the oldest rods in my quiver. I'm circling back after getting a little lost. I bought and fished so many rods and it made me good at casting different types of rods but that isn't what I want to be good at, I want to focus on my Tenkara.

I've found that a lite line of #2.5 is just the ticket. I found it while casting my Rhodo. I was developing a good furled line for it which are heavier than level lines. My thought was that a heavy level line loads the rod tip nicely for one back cast and shoot to one forward cast. With the furled (Fuji type) line I developed, it was working nicely but I lost a little "suspending" in the heavy drape of the multiple strand line.

I asked Daniel on a whim and he told me about his #2.5 pink level line. I had some Sansui #3 in my drawer and quickly made a line out of that and wow, pretty cool. I called TJ and got some ordered.

I made a line for it and wham, super nice casting rod. I already liked the Rhodo but now it is a different rod for me, way different. It is a lite line rod and I can feel the rod load much better and it is a precise rod, much more precise with the lighter line. The heavier line was over lining the rod, not a bad thing if you want that, just not letting the rod shine.

Changing the line on my Rhodo added at least %50 more enjoyment of this rod and it was already my favorite small stream Tenkara rod.

But this is not about the Rhodo, it's about the Ito.

I asked Daniel about the Ito and he said he really liked it for the #2.5 so again, I circled back and made the line for it…

Now I am here.

I'm certainly no neophyte to Tenkara. Five years I've been at it chasing trout and my background in ultra light fly rods for small streams, about 15 years of specializing in that, transitioning to Tenkara has been pretty easy. My research in books, my trip to Japan, all adds up to lots of experience with light lines but what is light?

I know I lose perspective at times, especially when something is new to me.

Running this through a simple translator does not simply get, "Adam has found #2.5 line." It's more of, "I lost perspective in what is important to Tenkara."

So I'm back, I didn't lose any years, I gained knowledge but I'm back with the Ito.

I'm taking my Ito and personalizing it, removing the stock cork handle and adding in my own very carefully. I'm using the Rhodo and Ito as my primary rods. My quiver is pared down (selling off other rods) to force simplicity and focus. Every time I've done this in my practice of Tenkara, I've gotten better, I've learned a lot with this practice and I'm doing it again.

It is a part of my Tenkara.

My question is, "What line do you use on your Ito?" "What have you found out about this rod that you like?"

I took mine to Japan and caught Iwana on it out of respect for Daniel. I used a much heavier line on it. I've caught many large trout on it in Colorado. I had a magical afternoon where I caught more than a dozen trout in the 16 - 20" range, nothing small. I quickly landed them too. It is a fantastic and versatile rod. I don't typically like things that are versatile but it just is and I do like it. The same is with the Rhodo. I think the Rhodo and Ito go together like peas and carrots. I'm having fun with my Tenkara, I don't mind sharing, I enjoy it and I really am interested in what your experiences are with the Ito, I'm choosing it as a primary rod.
Adam Trahan
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Re: The Ito

Postby tsegelke » Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:38 pm

I have always been a traditional line guy. I did experience the Sato with a level line while on vacation, and things paired up very nicely. There is definitely a difference when you get the right line on the right rod.
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