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Replacing a 5wt: which rod

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Re: Replacing a 5wt: which rod

Postby cgar380 » Sat Jun 22, 2013 2:21 pm

My opinion on this.

I have a 12' rod equivalent to the Yamame, an 11' Iwana, and had a 12' Iwana. I also use a 7'6" 4/5 wt rod as a super tight cover tenkara setup with the line tied to the tip.

I fish local lakes and the Arkansas River (large, little cover issues) and super small, super brushy trib streams. I also like to prospect with a 2 fly rig (big dry stim. and bead something on the drop).

I also fish a standard fast action 9' 5wt when I need longer casts and room for bigger fish to run in some lakes I fish.

Here's where I'm at with things.

I will now be using the 12' stiffer rod for all of my tenkara fishing from now on. The 12' Iwana was returned and the 11' Iwana will be kept for guests and eventually sold. Both Iwanas were way too soft for me to throw the flies I want to fish and took too much energy from the fish before I could land them. The stiffer rod will allow you to throw larger flies and double and triple rigs easier and more accurately once you learn the technique specific to the rod based on the weight of the flies you're throwing. It also lets you muscle in the fish to release much quicker after the initial downstream run and control some of the run as well.

Line choice is just as important. I got the package w the 3.5 level line but I soon found out that I didn't like the way it casts on the stiffer rod so not wanting to spend a ton of money, I broke out some 20# mono (I have 20, 15, 10, and 8 for spinning that I bought for 3$ a spool) and now use that for the main butt end (10-12'), then some 3.5 level line for taper & limited increased visibility (1-2'), then 5x tippet. I can cast this accurately and with good turnover with up to 18' total line length. Anything more than that and I switch to my western setup.

I wish I would've followed my gut and got the Yamame to begin with and saved myself some money and hassle.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Replacing a 5wt: which rod

Postby Skinhead » Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:53 am

I started out with the 12' Iwana and feel that it was the right choice. I'm used to fishing light weight western rods, ie. 1-3wt and absolutely love the Iwana, I also have a Yamame with which I target fish in the 3-5lb bracket. Most of the kebari that I cast are either #10 or #12 plus tungsten heads of the same size, which all my rods cast with ease, even my Zerosum 360. Personally, I'd say start with a 12' Iwana and go from there.
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