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Newbie question Ito

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Newbie question Ito

Postby JEPPE.D » Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:31 pm

I am new to tenkara but already completely hooked.
When does a rod break out of a to big fish?
Does 5x tippet always protect all Tenkara rods.
I fish grayling at size 10-14 inches for most part and sometimes i get a bigger one.
Last week when fishing, a 70 year old lady walked past me with her catch of a grayling of 23 inches and 4 Lbs.
So i know there are som big fish present.
I fish with my Yamame but i would want to have the reach of the Ito to make it a bit easyer at some spots in the stream.
I believe the 5x tippet could manage the 4 Lbs grayling under present conditions (slow water flow etc) but i want to know if the Ito would?
I am having some problem adjusting to think in length of the fish and not in weight that is the common way in Sweden.

Best regards
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Re: Newbie question Ito

Postby Tenkara Guides » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:58 pm

The Ito is a good choice for what you are describing. The nice thing about zoom rods like the Ito is that it is 2 rods in one, 13ft or 14.7ft I feel like once fish start approaching 20 inches, the Ito is getting over powered especially in faster or stronger currents.

If you are worried about frequently catching fish 20 inches and larger, look at the Amago. It is 13'6" only about 1 foot shorter than the Ito at full extension. The Amago has much more backbone and handles larger or stronger fish much easier than the softer Ito. It is also a much better rod for any type of euronymphing techniques. If you want anymore information about euronymphing/tenkara hybrid techniques check out this link:

Both rods are a good choice it just really depends on what you want the rod to do, zoom or strength.

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Re: Newbie question Ito

Postby JEPPE.D » Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:14 pm

Thanks for the answer.
Then i understand that it could be possible to use Ito in the situation i am "unlucky" and get a to big fish.
As i have the Yamame i feel the Ito would be as far on the other end of the spectrum of tenkara rods (feeling, softness, casting).
More so than the Amago.
And i would like to try both ends so to speak.
Euro nymphing is kind of something i use often, just didn't know the name for it.
But i use a dry fly first and about 12 inches behind a wet fly "nymph" mimicking the dry fly.
But i will try the other setups to.

Thanks alot for the info

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Re: Newbie question Ito

Postby tsegelke » Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:29 pm

Just got off the river and was catching fish up to 3 pounds on my Ito. Had lots of feel for the small ones, and handled the 16 to 18 inchers no problem. I did lose 3 fish which were huge. I estimate around 22 inches or more. One I broke off and didn't even try (way too big). The other two the rod was handling fine, but the 5x tippit broke.

I believe it was better to lose the tippit, than risk the rod. Disapointing to lose such nice fish, but I did get to play with them for a while.
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